Must watch Hollywood Movie Sequels

Here are the Must watch Hollywood Movie Sequels which are great fun to watch out for: (in no particular order)

  1. Fast And Furious( Pentalogy )
  2. The Matrix ( Trilogy )infodevz
  3. X-Men( Pentalogy )
  4. Harry Potter( Octalogy)
  5. Mission Impossible( Quadrilogy )
  6. Die Hard Series ( Quadrilogy )
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean ( Quadrilogy )
  8. The Lord of the Rings ( Triology )
  9. Terminator ( Quadrilogy )
  10. Star Wars( Hexalogy )
  11. The Transformers ( Triology )
  12. Resident Evil ( Pentalogy )

So these are all great hexalogies and pentalogies that you must watch out for.

Some of above movie sequels are completed and some are still in making like fast and furious, mission impossible etc.  We still want that movies which are completed should have one more sequel to it.

You see many movie having their sequels but not every movie sequel do well.  It also happens that first movie get a big hit and its second part fails , it’s because  the biggest challenge for a film maker is that he has to come up with as great movie story as he has brought in his first movie . some film makers adds new actors to create interest among people and that’s a good strategy .  

You take example of harry potter movie series and you notice that every part of its keep releasing at a distance of 1-2 years so the continuity between sequels is also very important factor.

one more thing is noticeable is that if a same writer writes all sequels than that movie has more chance of getting a hit. So these were our suggestion regarding movie sequels and it will be great that if you show your list to us because we all want to see good selected stuff.

So please mention your list with us , thanks.


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