Must See Computer Animated Movies

We all watch Hollywood & Bollywood movies but there are some movies which are very popular these days which are known as computer animated movies.

So here are some pf these movies to watch out for :infodevz

1)      Toy story (1995)

2)      Monsters,inc. (2001)

3)      Finding Nemo (2003)

4)      The Incredibles (2004)

5)      Cars  (2006)

6)      WALL-E (2008)

7)      Ratatouille (2007)

8)      UP (2009)

There is one thing common between these movies is that they all are made by company name ‘PIXAR’ . These are not cartoon movies but they are a type of digital animation.

The budget in making these animated movies are very high .  so the film makers nowadays make sure that they have a good story behind computer generated animations. It is also fun to think that what kind of casts these animated movies having like in non animated movies you have so many characters

The Pixar makes movies in very hard way and they choose story in a year to make it correct. There is a large crew behind Pixar movie and they keep maintaining the quality of it. That’s why they do not rush with movie they take time to make a movie maybe 2 years but its worth waiting for a Pixar movie.

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