The Most Awaited Hollywood Movies Of 2014


Movie buffs everywhere can look forward to a fantastic year in 2014 for the Hollywood movies. There are some superb releases queued up for the year and here’s a peek at some of the most anticipated movies for the year.  For the Drama buffs, there are quite a few titles that will leave you more than happy. ‘Inherent Vice’, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson who is among the top filmmakers working today is one of the movies to look forward to. With a spectacular cast comprising Owen Wilson, Josh Brolin, Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix (the lead actor), this movie is going to be one worth watching for sure.

     Only Lovers Left Alive

Vampire novels and movies have been a popular fad, and those who love this genre will enjoy ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’.  Together With Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton in the role of star struck vampires in love across the centuries, director Jim Jarmusch is back in form say the critics at Cannes. The story takes us to Detroit when Hiddleston plays a musician and Swinton is passing time with fellow vampire Christopher Marlowe played by John Hurt.  Twists in the story develop as Swinton’s character deals with troubles caused by her sister in the movie unfold in the course of the story.

     The Trip to Italy

For those looking for something on a lighter note, a comedy that will tickle you thoroughly is ‘The Trip to Italy’. It brings back to audiences, actors and the director from the miniseries ‘the trip’ that aired in Britain. While Americans may not be able to catch the unedited movie,  it is debuting at the Sundance in a few weeks and opening in theatres in May. The plot is not too convoluted and the thoroughly enjoyable banter between the actors is definitely an enjoyable one. Directed by Michael Winterbottom it hits the theatres in spring.

      Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending’ is the movie to watch in the sci-fi genre. A follow up movie from directors Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski, it has Channing Tatum playing a genetically engineered soldier tracking Mila Kunis (playing Jupiter Jones); who is a human who can transform the universal balance. It may not be the best movie yet, but it is definitely one worth watching for those looking to see the sequel to ‘Cloud Atlas’.


For Johnny Depp fans, first time director Wally Pfister brings ‘Transcendence’ a sci-fi thriller to the screens in April. The role essayed by Depp is that of an artificial intelligence researcher who uploads his mind onto a computer following attacks from an extremist group. There are attractive supporting casts in the movie such as Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman, and Cole Hauser to name a few.

      X-men: Days of Future Past

There are also movies that have a cult following of their own, and one that has fans waiting eagerly for its release this year is’ X-men: Days of Future Past’. Bryan Singer who has enthralled fans with two of the best films in the series (X-men and X2) returns with a story that blends the cast of the original series with their younger versions taking viewers across two timelines.

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