Best Android Music Player Till Date And a Quick Review

Mobile phones have come a long way, from being used only for making calls and texting, to becoming strong multimedia devices of today. One of the biggest leaps for smartphones was the use of the Android OS. With this, many possibilities became available, and users could enjoy almost endless possibilities. Among them, the most popular ones were faster internet browsing, improved gaming characteristics and enjoying music through many different players.

Smartphones are gaining popularity with each day, and for people who enjoy listening to music, these are great news. It is now easy to carry your music with you where ever you go, and also enjoy it in high quality sound. Android is a platform which is very flexible, and that allows programmers to develop many different apps. Because of that, there are a lot of music players available, best the only question is which is the best Android music player out there. It is easy to get one, using Google Play Store, where customers can also rate the app, and this can help you make up your mind. There are a lot of good music players around, such as Sensor Music Player, Mixzing, doubleTwist and many more, but the best one is Poweramp.

Best Android Music Player

Poweramp Music Player

This popular player arrived back in 2010. and has been the fan favorite around the world since then. It has evolved a lot from the first version till now, but the core remains unchanged. Every modern smartphone comes with a pre instaled music player. So, what makes the Poweramp best Android music player available? Well, there are many reasons. To start, it supports almost all of known audio formats, including FLAC. Poweramp is very user-friendly, and can be customized in many different ways. Users can also enjoy big album artwork, easily used controls, and many different equalizers. Playlists can be created very easily.

Equalizers greatly affect the sound, and with a good pair of headphones, the difference can be huge. It can separate the good from the best Android music players. There are some presets available, but the user can adjust the levels of treble, bass and volume manually as well. The Google Play offers many different themes that affect the look of the player. Some can be found free of charge, while others require a certain fee to be downloaded. A stock player is looking very good, but some users may want to change this, and there are a lot of options.

This is the best music player because it offers a lot of different features like:

  1. Built in sleep timer.
  2. Possibility to edit tags inside the application.
  3. Eliminating the silent gap at the beginning of each song.
  4. Ten different preset equalizer levels.
  5. Ability to download missing album art.
  6. Setting the different looks of lock screen.
  7. Supporting lyrics, and search, via musiXmatch plugin.

The competition for the best Android music player is getting tougher by the day, but since 2010. Poweramp has held the special place at the very top. The reasons for this include easy to use interface, nice looking player, support for many types of audio files, and many more. Any true music fan should try out Poweramp, and enjoy the best Android music player available.

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