Apple iPad mini official video released

Ipad mini the new invention of apple has come and it has all major functions of iPad ,it’s just smaller version of it also iPad mini comes in $329 for the 16GB model ,cheaper price than iPad.

So just check out the this apple official videos about iPad mini.

Many of users will not be able to buy this product because it will be costly like all other apple products , but one of its advantage is people may like more iPad mini than iPad because its small size.

  • Very simple interfaceinfodevz
  • good-looking
  • very good battery life.
  • 3G and 4G support.
  • 1.3 front facing camera.

the most amazing thing is that when you see iPad mini camera shots per min is very fast , means when you click capture button without any delay its camera captures pics . although if you are a gaming fan than you may feel the problem with the positioning of volume button .

it is cheaper than many of apple products and now a common man can think of buying it. already the iPad mini is among top quality tablets so please don’t think if you can afford it just buy it.

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